Friday, March 30, 2007

a little mona lisa

So here's the deal: Last weekend I spent time making the "Mona Lisa" card fronts for a Coffee themed swap. Thinking I was incredibly creative, I used actual espresso and coffee grounds for the ink and embossing powder. To my chagrin, the final list was posted, and in a round about, polite way, it was hinted not to use actual coffee due to it's high acid content! Well, now I have a ton of coffee embossed Mona Lisa card fronts, not to mention the culls.
Here I have placed one, stamp by Tim Holtz for Stamper's Annonymous, on brown Club Scrap paper, as well as the phrase from the CS Reaching out Unmouunteds. I used a moldable blue foam stamp with patterns I created from an urn on another CS paper. Embossing powder in Gold and chalk inks from colorbox.
Since I have a ton of 'Lisa's', just send me something, leave me a comment, or email your address & you'll get a Mona Lisa in the mail!


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