Sunday, June 8, 2008

New ATCs

"Sunflower": Leafing pen resist with gold pen, yellow and red liquid watercolor on untextured side of watercolor paper blended with a watercolor brush. ribbon from stash and image from National Geographic.

"Go Fish": Intuitive watercolor with Yellow, red and orange liquid watercolors on the textured side of watercolor paper. Words with my DYMO, dry cleaning ticket, fish from a magazine.

"Peace": Intuitive watercolor. I wanted some darker colors, so I played around with mixing colors to get the darks I so love. Club Scrap roman numeral stamp over the liquid watercolors with pressure embossed copper flashing and magazine image. I so love this, I think I'm going to make it my new 'business card'.

"Harmony": This background came from night 1 with the colorwash and glossy paper. I added a DYMO tag, some copper, jumbo eyelet and Image from Art-e-zine.

"Cheap Monkey": hehehe-isn't he funny! Liquid watercolor baby wipe. Rather than coloring a baby wipe just for this, I took one out and have been wiping my craft sheet with it for a few days. Now that it dried, I adhered it to the cards and instant random background! Look closely you'll see the giraffe from Club stamp Serengheti.

"Tick Tock": More of the colored baby wipe with Rhapsody stamp over it in background, magazine images and DYMO.

"Angel lady" More colored baby wipe, highlighted with gold leafing pen. She's not quite done, but I am so here she is for today.

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