Monday, April 23, 2007

a bit of metal tape

I don't remember where I saw this, but somewhere out in cyberspace I learned to use metal tape as a background. I like the industrial look of it, I'll have to experiment with aging it.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

anatomy of an ATC Tim Holtz

I adore everyhing this man invents! Here is my ATC offering for Art Techniques ATC group. ATC created from a sheet of aluminum, inked with Tim's Alcohol inks. I added the Harlequin from Stamp Camp with Black Staz-on. Transfered some bingo stuff onto seriously old paper (thrift store find) as well as one of Tim's newest stamps from Stamper's Anonymous. A bit more alcohol inks on some metal thing-a-ma-jiggers. Voilla.

Friday, April 13, 2007

a life in mixed media

This piece is my entry in the April Challenge "wrapped fiber art" for arttechniques. It is my 1st attempt at a few techniques in my journey into the 'dark side': Fiber wrapping, art dolls, found metal collage, and mixed media. I'm really enjoying the freedom that comes from this! I guarantee there will be a whole lot more to come!!
I'm working on a set of shrines...oooohhhh

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

an exerpt from Lee Iwan Acumulated Experience

I am away from home, unable to create today, but wanted to share one of my favorite thoughts taken from Lee Iwan Accumulated experience. A fantastic blog that makes you think about the world we live in, the the quality to which we live.

January 17th, 2007
Frustration can cause bizarre behavior and out of proportion reactions.

When we are frustrated we get angry or apathetic. Our responses become magnified or diminished.

The perfect example of how strange we can react when frustrated is reflected in the “mosquito in bed” scenario.

We lie in bed just dozing off. We have a planned a perfect long nights uninterrupted sleep.

Then the thin piercing buzzing begins, seemingly inside one of our ears. A mosquito.

A quick pass of our hand seems to frighten away the mosquito, and we close our eyes again and drift toward dreamland.

Again the mosquito appears. Exactly in front of our ear. This time we move quickly and with more vigor in order to squash the tiny insect before it can fly away.

This happens several more times.

By now we are angry, frustrated and bent on killing that bug.

Each time we slap at the mosquito we are increasing our velocity and the force behind each swing.

By the 6th or 7th swat all we are really accomplishing is increasing our frustration level and repeatedly hitting ourselves about the head harder and harder.

The apathetic approach calls for us to cover our entire head with the covers and pillow.

This successfully prevents the mosquito from entering our ears and has the added benefit of increasing our body temperature and reducing the oxygen level, eliminating every possibility of breathing normally.

After 10 minutes we throw back the covers gasping for breath, sweating at the temples and find our nemesis in our ear again.

We don’t stop, sit up and turn on the light and track down the tiny bug in a well lighted room. No, our frustration has driven us to absurd behavior, boxing our own ears or suffocating ourselves in the attempt to eliminate a tiny problem from our lives.

Now think about your day at work.

Can you identify your “mosquito” that’s preventing you from fulfilling your real mission?

What the best, most efficient way to find and eliminate your “mosquito”?

Lee has been to or worked with: Russia, China, India, Taiwan, Philippines, South Africa, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, Turkey, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Canada, USA, Mexico, Martinique, Barbados, Aruba, American Virgin Islands, Grenada, Panama, British Virgin Islands....and the list keeps on growing. 35 years in the USA and 15 years in Mexico. What's next?

Mosquito image courtesy:

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

a new e-zine & free download

New & Free...anything better? There is a great group of smart ladies out of Australia who have just released a new website: and e-zine: Astarte's Mega-Zine, for your artful enjoyment. If you follow this link Astarte Mega-Zine: you'll be able to sign on to their mailing list, and download:
"A three-page "Saucy Ladies" clipart-and-quotes set
Two pages of high resolution butterfly clipart
Issue #1 of Astarte's Mega-Zine - nearly 40 pages long with 17 fantastic articles to inspire you to create art AND to work with creative processes like reflection, goal setting, art journaling and more."
Ooh la la. I used some of the ladies in my nightlight below. They are offering the free-limited time- sign up in hopes you will subscribe, so don't just take and run! Look over the magazine, and you'll realize there are a ton of tips, projects with step-outs, and fotos!! Instant :Inspiration, Instruction and Gratification. Go visit them & sign up!

Monday, April 9, 2007

a saucy nightlight

March ClubStamp project was a nightlight...and here it is. The vintage images came as a bonus for signing up for a new e-zine (details soon to follow), Beads and twill from stash. This was an incredibly easy project! The difficulty was deciding on images and where to put them, then I photocopied the group onto thin paper, attached it and voilla, done!
I did notice the other day at the LSS there were similiar nightlights for sale, but in bright colors.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Caardvarks Stars Challenge

The month kicks off with the theme of stars. MM scrapbook paints in spotlight, asphalt & red wagon on CS cardstock. My mind's eye paper inked with Walnut Distress from Ranger, Flag um Sunday INternational, staples from MM & ribbon from stash. Vintage image.

an art-e-zine

Ok, my life is now complete. What will those wacky girls from the UK come up with next? art-e-zine ! This web zine (like a magazine but it's online) has the most amazing collection of altered artists I have found in a long time. The art is not for the squeemish, and definitely not mundane. It's edgy, bold, funny, sentimental, bright...everything you could imagine and more. If you stop by, you'll get entranced, and lose hours of time there. If you're looking for "paperarts, art stamping, collage, altered books, art journals, assemblages, digital art, polymer clay etc etc in fact any art medium you like playing with and experimenting and being creative, no limits, just enjoying your art" that is how they describe themselves.
The owner of the site asks for a $10 yearly subscription, if you find yourself using the information. a very very small price to pay for a wealth of stuff!
Finally, if you still haven't gotten enough, there is a yahoo group to join for swaps and information...guess where I'm gonna be all day!

a great clip art site

Clipart ETC. is an off shoot of the Florida Educational Technology Clearinghouse, where they house thousands of fantastic clipart images. I'm not talking everyday childish designs, these are detailed black and white drawings and etchings like the flies above. Fantastic to print out, color & collage or use as a focal point for a card. This is not your mother's clip art page. Enjoy!

Friday, April 6, 2007

a coffee cozy

Apparently one of the latest crazes in paper crafts & knitting is personalized insulated beverage cozys... Hmmmm, not a trend I'm going to rush out and buy a bunch of, especially since I make excellent coffee at home, and can make the cozys myself. So here is my take on it. I used the pattern below (feel free to use it, just send me a scan of what you make). Fortunately I had a corrugated cardboard box sitting around (always recycling) and cut the pattern out of it. I stamped some great images from the Original Club Scrap Mocha Java kit, as well as images from the new MJ-remix on the cardboard & harlequin pattern from Stamp Camp. Clear embossed over colorbox brown chalk ink an image from StampCamp, and words from the MJ-remix on Manila folder paper, which I then color washed with my own washes. To secure the back, I punched holes set eyelets, threaded a thick brown yarn and tied with a bow. If you're going to use eyelets, remember you want the smooth side against the inside of the cup so it doesn't tear when you insert a beverage. I also added eyelets to the outside for the finished touch.

a beverage cozy pattern

Click on the image, save it to your computer (the foto, not the link). Either embellish digitally or print and decorate, or print and use as a template on very thin cardboard. I use very thin cardboard boxes so it actually has insulation.
I'm offering the pattern here for anyone to use, but please send me a scan (in the comments section)if you actually use it!

Anatomy of an ATC

This swap is titled "Rhapsody". It is the March swap from Club Stamp, using papers and stamps from the monthly kit. Stamp images from Unmounted rubber on Orange and beige paper with Superior Navy ink. Cut out phrase. Ink edges of all pieces. Dip the quote into UTEE, covering both sides. Attach confetti with white glue, and quote with pop up foam adhesive. Attach an eyelet to the side and thread with fibers.