Friday, April 6, 2007

a coffee cozy

Apparently one of the latest crazes in paper crafts & knitting is personalized insulated beverage cozys... Hmmmm, not a trend I'm going to rush out and buy a bunch of, especially since I make excellent coffee at home, and can make the cozys myself. So here is my take on it. I used the pattern below (feel free to use it, just send me a scan of what you make). Fortunately I had a corrugated cardboard box sitting around (always recycling) and cut the pattern out of it. I stamped some great images from the Original Club Scrap Mocha Java kit, as well as images from the new MJ-remix on the cardboard & harlequin pattern from Stamp Camp. Clear embossed over colorbox brown chalk ink an image from StampCamp, and words from the MJ-remix on Manila folder paper, which I then color washed with my own washes. To secure the back, I punched holes set eyelets, threaded a thick brown yarn and tied with a bow. If you're going to use eyelets, remember you want the smooth side against the inside of the cup so it doesn't tear when you insert a beverage. I also added eyelets to the outside for the finished touch.

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