Saturday, April 7, 2007

an art-e-zine

Ok, my life is now complete. What will those wacky girls from the UK come up with next? art-e-zine ! This web zine (like a magazine but it's online) has the most amazing collection of altered artists I have found in a long time. The art is not for the squeemish, and definitely not mundane. It's edgy, bold, funny, sentimental, bright...everything you could imagine and more. If you stop by, you'll get entranced, and lose hours of time there. If you're looking for "paperarts, art stamping, collage, altered books, art journals, assemblages, digital art, polymer clay etc etc in fact any art medium you like playing with and experimenting and being creative, no limits, just enjoying your art" that is how they describe themselves.
The owner of the site asks for a $10 yearly subscription, if you find yourself using the information. a very very small price to pay for a wealth of stuff!
Finally, if you still haven't gotten enough, there is a yahoo group to join for swaps and information...guess where I'm gonna be all day!

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