Tuesday, April 10, 2007

a new e-zine & free download

New & Free...anything better? There is a great group of smart ladies out of Australia who have just released a new website: Go-make-art.com and e-zine: Astarte's Mega-Zine, for your artful enjoyment. If you follow this link Astarte Mega-Zine: you'll be able to sign on to their mailing list, and download:
"A three-page "Saucy Ladies" clipart-and-quotes set
Two pages of high resolution butterfly clipart
Issue #1 of Astarte's Mega-Zine - nearly 40 pages long with 17 fantastic articles to inspire you to create art AND to work with creative processes like reflection, goal setting, art journaling and more."
Ooh la la. I used some of the ladies in my nightlight below. They are offering the free-limited time- sign up in hopes you will subscribe, so don't just take and run! Look over the magazine, and you'll realize there are a ton of tips, projects with step-outs, and fotos!! Instant :Inspiration, Instruction and Gratification. Go visit them & sign up!

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