Monday, March 26, 2007

a great program

The Font Thing is a free download to help you manage your fonts. Why would I need that you ask? Well, once installed on your computer you can type your journaling into a little box and it will show you how it looks written in all the fonts installed on your computer, especially since you have probably downloaded everything you could off Urbanfonts last week. How cool is that! No more time spent trying out each font, and going back and forth figuring out just which will work with your layout or project. I have a gazillion 'dirty' fonts installed, and never know just how much dirt I want on the page, now it is so super easy!
If that hasn't convinced you to get it, then this will: It organizes your Dingbats too! Woo hoo, everyone loves organized dingbats, right? What is a dingbat? Imagine you type the letter 'A' on your keyboard and instead you get a flower, or a moon, or a goat. Dingbats are little itsy bitsy designs in place of letters. Just enlarge them and you can have some great cut outs for your artwork. Dingbats, although super easy to use, just type, can get confusing when you don't remember what letter stands for which dingbat. With The Font Thing you see all of them in one place. I suggest you type the alphabet in the little box that pops up when using dingbats.

It doesn't look like it works with Vista yet, but I'm sure it will soon.

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