Wednesday, April 9, 2008

the portable studio

I picked up a copy of Sommerset Life, and fell in love with the Vintage Train case Rebecca Sower transformed into her traveling studio. Immediately, I knew I wanted, NEEDED to do the same.
I've been looking for an old wooden briefcase for a few months with no avail, then my Mom offered me one of hers. Woo hoo! Perfect. It's covered in a worn vanilla lizard skin type material of some sort with a yummy felty inside.

I've spent the day collecting my favorite things...stuff I never use, but love to look at...and filled up my case! Vintage fabric swatches, some amazing lace which belonged to the 92 year old grandma of a friend, natural twine, silk flower petals, handmade paper and a bunch of buttons from my own grandma's sewing box. I even included a needle my maternal grandmother used to use and my paternal grandma's sewing scissors!
It's going to be so hard to actually use these treasures, but I know that whatever I create will be filled with kindness, love and legacy.
Now that Spring is apon us, I know my briefcase will spend many hours outside!

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