Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Make it University with Cloth Paper Scissors -Chicago

The International Quilt festival was held this past weekend in Chicago, about 15 minutes from my house. I am NOT quilter, mind you, but WOW WOW WOW! The quilts shown did not come from your grandma's quilting bee! Really neat stuff!
Quilting Arts Magazine and Cloth Paper Scissors are run out of the same publishing house, so they had an awesome booth there, and what they called "Make-it University". They invited many of their frequently published artists and a few local artists to come teach mini (1 hour) classes, and participate in their 'virtual studio'. The 'virtual studio' had the artists demo-ing various things all weekend! Time to drool, and stare, and learn so many techniques....a ha, so THAT'S how you did that!
Friday, I couldn't get there before noon, so I missed a few classes, but when I did show up, I put my name in the fishbowl for all the remaining ones. Each class is decided by a random draw, so maybe you get in, maybe you don’t...I think it's all Karma, or the pathetic pleading look on my face each time Barbara went to draw names, that I did get into all but one class.
The first class I was not in was a mini, no-sew, book out of muslin! so so so super cool, and easy peasy to make! I brought along my studio-in-a-box, sat on the floor, and followed along with my own materials. Just then, I ran into someone...I'm so sorry I forgot your name, but you were soooooooooooo nice!!!!!!...who is a club scrap member! She noticed I was monkeying with paper, and picked "To you with Love" right out, saying "I see you use Club Scrap papers."...see, we're everywhere, like a secret society, bonded with Bookbinding glue and waxed linen.

Class #2-Greeting Cards with Angelina fiber, Betty Blais instructor. I deviated from the path, because the saying I was given was "I'm sending a little sunshine your way..." too bright and cheery fro me, so I started my little Asian boy tag. He needs a bit more, and some words, but a good start. *there is a local artist I've been a long time admirer of, Belinda Spiwak sat next to me in this class...Hi Belinda! I'd like to think we've become friends, and pal'ed around a bit during the show. She made the Mahjong tile and dyed the fabric all the stuff is laying out on with colorwash.

Class #3-No-Sew Mica Tag Book, instructor Kelli Perkins!!!! Really, in the flesh, Kelli Perkins! Librarian by day, amazing artist by night. White as snow hair, with a gigantic blue streak in it! She make the cupcake book in this month's issue of CPS.

Class #1-Woven copper Jewelry-Mary Hettmansperger (author)...If she comes anywhere near you TAKE HER CLASSES!!!! So funny, so talented. It was early in the am, but so worth it! Learned a ton about working with copper sheeting and wire. Belinda & Gwen, I'll get the directions out to you this week.
Ran into Miss Gwen Jaeger during this class, unfortunately she arrived after class had started. Class #2- didn't take it, buy Gwen did. Another working with Angelina class.

Class #3-Storyboxes (Altered tins)- Leilani Pierson, instructor. Gwen, Belinda and I got into this one. The kit was so full of goodies, we both went nuts! Leilani was great and super laid back, and very pregnant with her 4th!!! The outcomes were fabulous tins with mini books.

Class #4-Needle-Felted pincushion, Tracy Stillwell (Artgirlz), instructor. Needle felting is a secret hobby of mine. I love love love it! And the Artgirlz are possibly 2 of the coolest, REAL, people I’ve ever met. We were to make a pincushion slap bracelet, but again I deviated and made a hand grenade keychain…ode to Green day…

Class#5-Surviving the runway, 80’s style with Pokey Bolton, owner, editor, everything Cloth Paper Scissors. Can I tell you, speed crafting is the BEST!!!!! I can’t tell all the secrets of this one, because they’re going to do it again in Houston, but let’s say it was so much fun. You’re given basic materials, and a goal, no samples on this one. To earn embellishments of any kind, you must do things….very very silly things….even for time! I proudly took home 2nd place with my ‘Clash mask’, earrings and necklace. So silly, an amazing way to relax and if I ever host a party or stay-at-home retreat, I guarantee this will be on the agenda…after a few cocktails, I can’t imagine where it would go!!!! Photo from Pokey's blog.

Sunday- I schlepped myself to class in sweats and a t-shirt.
Class #1- Mixed-Media Brooch, Betsy Shannon, Instructor. Poor Betsy, she didn’t know she had a Sunday class too, and had run out of materials so she was panicked, and her coffee hadn’t kicked in yet. She did come up with some great stuff for us, and another booth donated pins, That’s where my heart with wings pin came from.

Class #2-Mixed Media Fabric, Judy Perez Instructor. Oh my, holy Christmas!!! This woman is not only beautiful, kind, incredibly creative but patient, and just one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. She is on the Cover of CPS this month with her birdhouses. Once I knew she was there, I asked her a few questions about techniques and she said she was teaching the class on Sunday, so I was absolutely crossing my fingers for this one. I got in! It was an amazing way to finish up the weekend! PS- She posted a foto of us after 'Surviving the runway!"

One of my favorite moments was recognizing Bernie Berlin, and watching her work. She is tuely a great individual. If you don’t have Bernie’s book on ATCs and Techniques, you are missing out on a lot of stuff. She kindly signed my book, and helped me work an ATC I was stuck on. Finally, after almost 1 year I was able to hand her the baby scale I had been promising for her shelter. Hopefully she'll no longer call me "The Crazy scale lady!!!"

The International Quilt show will take place again in Houston, and I think California later this year. If you’re in the area, and put your name in the fishbowls, you might get some of the same, maybe other awesome classes. The greatest part is that class fees were only $10 each!!! What a steal!

Well, that’s my weekend, if you have any questions, let me know. I guarantee you’ll start seeing a lot of these techniques on my ATCs and Cards in the near future!!

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Lois said...

Boy am I sad that I didn't look further into this show. I too am NOT a quilter and did not think that there would be such great classes and teachers. I will look for it next year and make sure I take some classes. You made awesome things. tfs all the pictures.