Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bead class: Success!

First, I would like to thank Tim at Ranger!! Second, kudos to everyone who attended! How much fun was that!?! Sounds like everyone was happy with the result and plans on making a lot more! If you missed it, here are the class list and video links:
craft sheet
melting pot
clear UTEE
Colored UTEE
bamboo skewers
any small embellishments you have handy
Paper scraps
Paper trimmer or scissors

Here are the links: -Gather Supplies and cutting instruction -Rollin' rollin' rollin' -Clear and gold -Beginning color -Color part 2 -Extra stuff, end.

Enjoy! Please post a link to your beads in the comments!


Ruth Ann Landry said...

Great class, Luanne...and thank you so much for the time and preparation it took to pull it off. My beads are on my

cbshai said...

Super de duper Miss Luanne
We had a whole bead making party going on here. Even 8 & 14 year olds could follow your easy instructions.

4nancie said...

You did a fantastic job! Thanks for the class. I look forward to many more!

Alison said...

Luanne You did a great job on these video's
I have to admitt it was really fun to see you and hear you real voice!!
Super easy instructions.